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We want to show how having an active outdoor holiday can impact your daily life, how learning and trying new things is the best way to recharge, and how amazing it can be to meet people from all around the world and have an adventure together. We want to show you Turkey and explore endless adventures together.
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Meet the guys who create Sea The Lycian family. They are always eager to answer all your questions and help organise the best trip of your life.
Founder & Guide
Founder & Guide
Yoga instructor
Adventure Ambassador
Care & Support Manager
As a local, Sarp has an intimate knowledge of the area, allowing him to provide unique insights into the local culture, history, and traditions.
Being passionate about sharing her love for nature and adventure, Alina will go above and beyond to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip for you.
Seeing a real beaty of every soul, Moon will take you on an inner journey to uncover your true authentic self.
Having an adventurous soul, Nastya will make you fall in love with adventure travel and the incredible memories it creates.
Having answers to all your questions, Alina is happy to help you get the greatest experience in your life.
Experienced hiker and local guide that will help you discover hidden gems and the most breathtaking views along the way :)
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We travel responsibly
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Reducing carbon
By nature our adventure travel style is relatively low carbon. Soon, on every one of our trips, you'll see 'carbon footprint' section where you can view the estimated carbon emissions per person arising from your spot on the trip and solutions to remove at least 2x more carbon from the atmosphere than enter it as a result of our trips.
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Backing important conservation work
We work with non-profits, NGO's, conservationists, and activists to campaign on important issues, and design adventures that can make a difference.
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Benefiting local communities
We're building sustainable economies in rural areas. Some of our biggest long-term impacts come from the model and trips themselves. By working with 100% locally owned, independent businesses, we ensure of every $100 spent, $95 on average goes into the local economy. The UN reports that that number is as low as $5 for typical mass tourism, which we think is plain criminal.
IG: @demet.dc
Spring 2023 / Hiking&Yoga Retreat
Lucky that I was a part of such a nice group. The organisation was super professional and everything was covered and thought of in detail. The beach breaks in between hiking were just perfect, so you don't get bored. Can't wait to join another trip.
IG: @nora_goodvibeyoga
Fall 2022 / Hiking&Yoga Retreat
Thank you for being such amazing guides, I would like to think this retreat is a life changing experience as this trip made me find myself again after so so many years! I'm so grateful for this opportunity and as it's my first one now I feel like I've won the lottery 🤩🤩🤩 thank you so much for the kindness, compassionate and love shared between all of us xxx
IG: @maysben
Spring 2023 / Hiking&Yoga Retreat
So happy i did it! Lots of fun, good memories and lovely people. Thank you for creating the magic 🌟 there was more beach time than i expected which i loved!
IG: @cinderella_in_town
Fall 2022 / Hiking&Yoga Retreat
Thank you for doing so much for us and putting your heart and soul into this! 🙏🙏 We are so lucky to have experienced with your help how beautiful Turkey, culture and people are! 💖💖
IG: @vgelfand
Fall 2022 / Hiking&Yoga Retreat
It’s been incredible throughout. Thank you for a lifetime!
IG: @sasha_b_ldn
Fall 2022 / Hiking&Yoga Retreat
Great holiday break! A perfect mix of activities and fast response to changing plans. Enjoyed every second of it! Thank you
IG: @iridium_ka
Fall 2022 / Hiking&Yoga Retreat
I felt that guids really cared about our group, they wanted to give us the best experience. And I had it, I enjoyed every day 100%
IG: @marion_eve
Fall 2022 / Hiking&Yoga Retreat
This trip was amazing - it built a real sense of camaraderie between all the hikers and Alina & Sarp were so reassuring and friendly, making sure to not leave anyone out. Thankfully enough downtime was also included for me to relax by myself if I needed to! The hikes were challenging as I am not the fittest person, but enough breaks were included and I never felt rushed. The beaches, swimming and gorgeous scenery made it all worth it. The yoga with Moon was also a perfect level of energising and restorative and I found it was very beneficial mentally. I would recommend it to anyone and would definitely like to do it again!
IG: @kovalevamaria_hm
Fall 2022 / Hiking Trip
Guys, travelling with you is just magic! Everything is organised with love, attention and warmth! Locations for overnight stay are very comfortable, authentic and memorable. The route is thought out to the smallest detail. Awesome experience and time with you!
IG: @extrim_4ik
Fall 2022 / Hiking Trip
Guys, don't even doubt - for sure! When I accidentally stumbled upon this trip, I realized that this is the tour of my dreams! It has everything that is so important to me: a good physical activity, comfortable places to stay in nature (not tents, which is important to me, and with amenities inside), super tasty national Turkish food, and of course a wonderful company of like-minded people with whom you can share the joy of what you see and feel! This is the special feeling when you've just met, and after one evening you have already become a real team of friends with whom you can move any mountains! And what a wonderful organization, the whole timing of the trip, everything is clear! And of course, there is time to relax on the tour, which is important, trekking to the beaches, that are wonderful, amazing and completely deserted! It's so great to relax your muscles in the sea, reload them, and you can move on! I'm really looking forward to new routes guys! I'll be happy to join!
IG: @hannahmountainmay
Spring 2022 / Hiking Trip
I felt I had my true self back on this adventure. I hadn't felt joy and peace like it in over 3 years and I was so happy to feel my soul alive again. I gained so much confidence both in my physical ability and mental ability!
Alina and Sarp are wonderful, so welcoming and answered all my questions right from viewing this adventure on Instagram to how I get the bus back to the airport to sadly depart.
If you had a magical spell on how to not get the holiday blues afterwards that is honestly the only thing that could be improved as the trip was perfect!
IG: @marijana_kovacevic
Spring 2022/ Hiking Trip
Glamping is an absolute gem of this trip! The best accommodation and experience! Really appreciate it. Nothing to change. Everything was perfectly organised, flexible but precise. I really enjoyed this trip. Would recommend it to all of my friends.
IG: @kaitlinonthemove
Spring 2022 / Hiking&Yoga Retreat
So happy I signed up for this! It was absolutely amazing and such a wonderful holiday with lovely people. The accommodations were beautiful and the food was delicious! Thank you Sarp and Alina!
IG: @julia.vostrikov
Spring 2022 / Hiking Trip
We have already told everyone with enthusiasm about this experience! Guys, the most valuable part is you - your attitude towards people (especially local ones)! I sincerely wish you to continue in the same way and make this world a little better!
IG: @dkmenshikov
Spring 2022 / Hiking Trip
Everything was very well organised. Impressions exceeded all expectations!!! This is the first time I met such a sensitive approach to planning! Thank you very much for the emotions!
IG: @dariakertsenbaum
Spring 2022 / Hiking Trip
Beautiful, dynamic, cosy, tasty... Alina and Sarp offer a great route and company. I highly recommend the guys for an unforgettable trekking on the Lycian Trail.
IG: @aigulmoonkz
Spring 2022 / Hiking Trip
It is difficult for beginners to organise such a trip by themselves, so your services are an ideal solution. The beaches are very beautiful! It is unlikely that anyone will find these cutest houses at the top, and everyone will visit crowded and poppy places.
IG: @Dr.aleke
Spring 2022 / Hiking Trip
I would recommend this adventure to everyone: everything is thought out, you just go and enjoy. The real all inclusive hiking trip:)
IG: @the_s_sin
Spring 2022 / Hiking Trip
You definitely need to go, this is an unforgettable trip and adventure. The trail is very scenic and varied!
IG: @daria_botova
Winter 2022 / Hiking Trip
Everything is easy, understandable, comfortable and beautiful. The guys have very high comfort requirements - this is what I appreciate. Luggage transfer is super! We had a suitcase and used everything we needed. not like in ordinary hiking trips.
IG: @iris_gesse
Fall 2021 / Hiking Trip
This is a 100% good option for those who love comfort, but want some beauty of nature. For those who don't like lying on the beach for a long time or who want to try something new. The attentiveness and care of the guides are simply amazing. The guys thought of everything to the smallest detail. They take care of all travellers, and keep in mind the fact that someone can get tired (and they know exactly when). Lots of talking and asking, constant care for water, lunch packages, accommodation, meals, transfers... They are very interesting, enthusiastic guys with a wide range of interests. Their actions are full of love!
IG: @oval_project
Fall 2021 / Hiking Trip
Amazing, unfamiliar Turkey opened up to me:
🏝 secret beaches that can only be reached by boat;
🐐 wild paths where we met mountain goats;
⛰ stunning views that make the heart stop beating
Paragliding. It was just the icing on the cake. How glad I am that I didn't get scared and put it off "for another time later" as I often do. I just made a decision and trusted the instructor. It was an unreal and unforgettable experience!
Many thanks to Alina and Sarp for comfortable and even a little glamorous hiking and the cool organisation. you opened a new world to me!
IG: @veneragalimova
Spring 2021 / Hiking Trip
The idea of a hike along the Lycian Way is not new, but the guys organised everything in such a cool way that throughout the whole trip there was a feeling of calmness and comfort. Round-the-clock support for everyone, incredible locations, secret beaches, delicious traditional food and always a positive energy. It feels like everything is done with a lot of love and attention to details.
The goal of the project is not only to organise a trip to fabulous places and show the other side of Turkey, but also to support the locals. These are not chain hotels, but small family businesses that have lost part of their income due to the pandemic. I have no words 💔
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