Small group adventure holidays on the Lycian Way -
one of the top 10 best trekking routes in the world
We're a passionate global community of like-minded adventurous souls looking to swap the city for the great outdoors. We believe that all kinds of traveling must be exciting, active, and diverse.

Our adventures are typically made up of a mixture of solo travellers and small groups of 2 or 3 friends who simply love adventure, pushing themselves and meeting awesome like-minded people.
Why you should travel with us
Explore the wilder side of our world
Grab backpack & go
all-covered organised adventure
Expert local guides
Go places you wouldn't yourself with locals who know where to go and how to stay safe.
Unique accomodations
The instructor can adjust your technique for any exercise during the video call
Meet like-minded people
You can be located anywhere, as long as you have Internet access
What You'll Get
Our goal is to deliver value to our travelers through a great service in every adventure
Unique Stays
Luggage transfers
Breakfast & Dinner & Camping lunch
Hiking gear
Experienced Local Guides
Wild nature
In every walk in the nature one receives more than he seeks
- John Muir
Meet our team
You are in a very very good hands
Erin Dunsek
Erin is a yoga, meditation and breathwork coach from London. After a 17 year career as a commercial dancer, Erin found yoga and realised the power of the practices in helping her cope with the stresses of the dance industry and now has a passion for helping others in the same way she has been helped. She is also the founder of 'The Gratitude Retreat' a 28 day meditation and journaling programme. She teaches a variety of different yoga, breathwork and meditation classes online, all over London, and on retreats around the world.
Steph Cabrera
Steph is a certified yoga and movement instructor, as well as a breathwork coach and a plant medicine enthusiast. She is devoted to teaching yoga and breathwork since it changed her life by allowing her to explore all areas of her being - physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental.
She is enthusiastic about teaching people how to tune into their bodies' wisdom through the power of breath and movement, while also providing a supportive and safe environment and using an authentic and fun approach.
David Pearce
Originally a London Financial Industry worker, becoming a yogi was never originally part of the plan. I can confidently say that movement is a passion of mine (though it' taken me the better part of a decade to realise it!), so spending eight hours a day (at least) behind a desk soon began to lose it's appeal. Every opportunity I had to move I'd take it - before work, lunchtimes, as well as after.
Yoga is the calming of the modifications of the mind. Yoj meaning to bind, yoga is the process of calming the individual mind stuff to return to a state of wholeness within oneself. But then one can take that further and return to a sense of wholeness with divine consciousness.
Moon Saker
I am a Londoner but an adventurer and I look forward to exploring the Lycian with you, as I guide you through your yoga journey. We will begin the day with an energising and inspiring Vinyasa Yoga flow, designed to awaken the body and mind to prepare you for your day ahead. During the day we will have the option to find moments of silence on secluded covers to explore breathwork, meditation and journaling. And end the day with a restorative practice for a deep relaxation. All levels welcome as I strive to dedicate time to each adventurer, you will have plenty of room to play, learn new skills, laugh and move mindfully as we explore more than just the Lycian.
Sarp & Alina
Founders & Guides
Living in Istanbul we came to Fethiye to spend time with the family during pandemics and fell in love with the area! We stayed here since and being enthusiasts of outdoor activities we explored the world-known hiking trail - Lycian way. Being curious we took new routes, found beautiful beaches, and eventually designed our own hiking route which paved through forests, mountains, and historic sites of the ancient Lycian region.

We started with a group of friends who loved the experience and have been doing 1-5 day hiking trips ever since. We invite you to join us for this unique experience and meet with open-minded people from all over the world. We believe that all kinds of traveling must be exciting, active, and diverse. We organized this hiking trip for those who want to go through a challenging experience or simply share our passion.
We Travel Responsibly
We're in the midst of a climate and biodiversity crisis. We all know nature holds many of the keys to reversing that trend. In essence, our model covers three key areas:
1. Reducing carbon
By nature our adventure travel style is relatively low carbon. Soon, on every one of our trips, you'll see 'carbon footprint' section where you can view the estimated carbon emissions per person arising from your spot on the trip and solutions to remove at least 2x more carbon from the atmosphere than enter it as a result of our trips.
2. Benefiting local communities
We're building sustainable economies in rural areas. Some of our biggest long-term impacts come from the model and trips themselves.
By working with 100% locally owned, independent businesses, we ensure of every $100 spent, $95 on average goes into the local economy. The UN reports that that number is as low as $5 for typical mass tourism, which we think is plain criminal.
3. Backing important
conservation work
We work with non-profits, NGO's, conservationists, and activists to campaign on important issues, and design adventures that can make a difference.
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